George Soros Life, Philanthropy, and Politics


George Soros is one of the richest persons in the world. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He attended London School of Economics and graduated. After college, George had to migrate to the United States for a Job on Wall Street. His plans were successful, and he had a chance to bring his parents to the country. George had an interest in financial markets; he made some investments which turned out to be successful. Today George is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest men at In fact, he was ranked 35th in the year 2010.

George Soros is also involved in other activities other than Business. He has been participating in charity and politics. He has a great interest in supporting refugees on Forbes; he once lived in a country infested by Nazis, and he had to seek peace by running the country. It seems that he understands much about poverty and refugees and this has contributed much to his involvement in these fields.

The Open Society Foundation

In the year 1993, George Soros founded Open Society Foundation. The organization borrows its name from Karl Popper’s book written in 1945. The book was titled Open Society and Its Enemies. The organization concentrates on charity by supporting refugees and civil society groups globally. The primary goal of the organization is to improve Justice, Education System, Media Independence and Public Health. So far, the organization is present in over 37 countries across the world.


Since the Open Society Foundation inception, it has spent over $11 billion in its activities. It has been expanding and reaching more people daily. In the year 2013, it was ranked second in the United States of the organization with highest charity budget on It had spent over $873 million; it preceded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which had a charity budget of $3.9billion. The organization aims to reach more countries and serve more people across the world.


George Soros also has a keen interest in supporting refugees to succeed in business. On September 2016, he made it clear that Open Society Foundation was planning to allocate $500 million in support of refugee startups. Refugees residing in Europe region were expected to benefit from the funds. He wanted to raise chances of these startups succeeding in their industry. He was once an Immigrant startup, and he understands all the struggles people face to succeed in business in foreign countries.


George Soros involvement in politics started in the year 2004. He was the leading campaign funder for John Kerry. After Kerry had failed to get the President seat, George was disappointed and never wished to get involved in politics in the future. It was until 2016 when he decided to back Hillary Clinton. He was still the leading funder for Clinton’s campaign. Although Hilary didn’t manage to secure the presidency seat, without George’s support, her campaigns wouldn’t have been successful. George can be termed as one of the most successful people in the world today, born poor in a Nazi-infested country and still managed to appear on Forbes list as one of the richest individuals in the world.

Smart lighting, Smart Move

The push to include LED bulbs in the home is a money saving measure for which a lot of homeowners opt. One step further could add smart lighting bulbs.We have smart phones, smart cars and smart homes. Moving into smart lighting is not a far stretch. In fact, it could be the smartest move one could make. Gooee is one Smart Lighting company testing out products to make this a reality.

What is smart lighting? The short answer is energy efficient lighting connected to devices wirelessly to increase savings and efficiency for you, the consumer. The connectivity may happen through a wireless hub or communication center and/or Bluetooth technology.

Gooee is one company dedicated to outperforming the competition in the smart lighting industry. They have developed technology to link the internet of things, through sensor technology, to the cloud network. This holds promise for everything from the monitoring of traffic through high flow buildings, to the adjustment of temperatures merely through the controls on one’s cell phone or tablet. Soon, Gooee and their partner companies may make it all possible through their releasing of the latest IoT techno gadgetry.

Fabletics Is An Active Mother’s BFF

As an active mother of twins, fashion has not always been on the top of my to-do list. After I had my children, I wanted to get back into shape. Post-pregnancy bodies take a lot of work. I joined a Pilates class and did yoga. When I went shopping for workout clothes, I was often disappointed. The clothes that I liked were too expensive and I did not care for the ones that were in my budget. So, I read some online reviews to find the best active wear at a price I could afford.

I have always been a fan of the Krazy Coupon Lady. When she introduced Fabletics, I took notice. According to the review, actress Kate Hudson is a co-founder on the company. Hudson is passionate about fitness and offering active wear for everyone. Like me, she felt that the fashion market lacked comfortable active wear within a reasonable budget. The Krazy Coupon Lady reviewed several outfits that were affordable and looked great.

Trust Pilot was another website that offered favorable reviews for Fabletics. The website talked about Fabletic’s awesome VIP program. Customers take a short quiz to find out what their fashion style is. Then, once a month, they will receive a new Fabletics outfit based on what they like. It only costs $49.95. That is cheaper than what I have paid for one piece of an outfit in our department store.

When I ordered my first outfit from Fabletics, I was hooked. I ordered yoga pants with a cute, matching top. The material stretched well and was breathable. I could tell it was a quality material. I also liked how it fit. One of the good things about Fabletics outfits is that I can wear them to the gym or while I am outside playing with my children. They are stylish enough to wear while running around town. I signed up for the VIP program so I could get awesome discounts of up to 60% off regular prices.

If I do not want the automatic shipment of the month, all I have to do is cancel by the 5th of each month, and I will owe nothing. The stylists at Fabletics are always finding me good deals on the colors and styles that I adore. I love running after my twins and getting into shape in a fashionable way. Fabletics put the “fabulous” back into active wear!

Eric Lefkofsky Is A Man Of Many Talents

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of a company called Tempus.Tempus is a company that incorporates technology into the equation of cancer research. Tempus helps doctors make determinations based on collected data that has been broken down so that they can analyze it and make important decisions for their patients in order to effectively treat cancer.Tempus is currently making great strides in assisting doctors in creating effective cancer treatment and through their work many are going to get a chance to fight another day. Some of the services that Tempus offers is genomic sequencing, and molecular data analysis, as well as therapeutic analysis.


The goal of the company is to provide the doctors with current information that helps them to make important treatment decisions. By collecting data from individuals the doctors can get a better understanding of what treatments and tactics are the most effective in the process of treatment.


Eric Lefkofsky has a wide variety of past experiences in business. Some of his previous endeavors include giants such as Groupon, Lightbank, and Uptake Technologies. These businesses are all vastly different and operate in diverse industries but they are all highly successful due in part to Eric Lefkofsky’s fresh take on business concepts and structure. He is also quite active with his philanthropy the Lefkofsky Foundations that he and his wife Liz created to help the children and communities of the Chicago area. They are committed to using their abilities to help those in need or in less than stable situations.


Eric Lefkofsky is also a published author having written Accelerated Disruption: The Speed Of Innovation. The book was well received and regarded by many to be a must read. He is also an adjunct professor at the University Of Chicago. Eric Lefkowsky graduated with his Masters Degree from Michigan University and received his Juris Doctor from Michigan Law School. Although he received a law degree he quickly realized that there were many possibilities in the business and science world. He has canceled in all of these industries and has driven the companies that he has co-founded to great success.


Eric Lefkofsky has an immense amount of knowledge and experience across many different fields and industries which he effectively uses to get results and drive overall success. One thing is alike in all of his business ventures, though. They are all very successful and contribute a vital need or service to the public. Although he is very successful he also knows the importance of contributing to the people in his area that need it and being a pillar of the community. He is able to accomplish both with determination and vision. No doubt, there will be more accomplishments on the horizon for him.

Read more about Lefkofsky in his Forbes articles.

Cotemar is at the Heart of the Silent Mexican Oil Revolution

For a long time, Pemex has been the main company for oil production. It was after the Mexican government nationalized all oil assets in the country. It is currently the second largest government-owned oil company. However, that could change soon.

The government recently began to issue tenders to private companies for oil exploration. The challenge of working in an environment that was previously controlled only by Pemex is going to be tough. If these private companies such as Cotemar step up, they could help boost Mexico’s oil production.

There will no doubt be a number challenges. For instance, some of the new companies have inherited land conflicts from Pemex. There are also many unresolved social issues. Additionally, there are issues to do with infrastructure theft. Despite all the challenges, there is no doubt the Mexican petroleum is undergoing a major revolution.

One of the challenges for the revolution will be during the issuing of tenders for deep-water exploration. The Mexican government has to deal with the headache of regulation, something that was not there before. In the issuance of deep-water tenders, the government must ensure that there is an increase in oil production, taxation, and royalties. The aim is to reduce the over-dependence on Pemex for cash.

Cotemar’s Services

Cotemar is a Mexico-based company that has been a major provider of services to Pemex. The company is involved in all areas that Pemex works in. They help the state oil producer develop technologies that make it possible to extract oil resources offshore. Cotemar is involved in different areas of offshore oil production like food and lodging, construction of vessels, maintenance, air transport, and marine operation.

Cotemar was founded about 37 years ago. Its aim at the time was to be a service provider for the oil industry in Mexico. They have since become the largest provider of offshore services in all of Mexico. Cotemar has developed a large fleet of over 30 vessels that makes it possible for the company to offer these services.

Cotemar is constantly seeking new ways to expand its services in the oil industry. To do this, they have set up many effectiveness indicators. Cotemar want to ensure that the services they offer are of top quality. As a result, their clients can always expect to receive quality services.

With the oil industry set to expand in Mexico. Cotemar is in a special position to offer its clients services that will otherwise be hard to access in the country. As of now, the future looks great.

Eric Lefkofsky Is Tackling One of the Biggest Medical Issues in the World

The term tempus might not be immediately recognizable. The strict definition of tempus is that it’s Latin for time. Tempus is also the name of a company that’s starting to catch a lot of attention. It’s also the current focus of entrepreneur extraordinaire Eric Lefkofsky. With Lefkofsky acting as president one can be sure of results. After all, Lefkofsky is the founder of Groupon. The service revolutionized how people relate to their daily financial choices. He’s seeking to have just as much or even more impact on people’s health. With Tempus, Lefkofsky is tackling one of the world’s most difficult medical issues. He’s working on finding new and effective ways for treating cancer at the genetic and molecular level.


There’s a lot of news everyday on new ways to treat cancer. It might not be clear at first just what differentiates the work of Tempus from other forms of treatment. One of the main points comes down to a sphere in which Eric Lefkofsky has previously excelled. Tempus is working on the cutting edge of computational medicine. It’s easy to forget that cancer itself is a continuing process by which a person’s own genetics are turned against them. Cancer, essentially, is a part of the person trying to fight it off. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to treating cancer. The cancerous cells really are another part of the patient’s body. It’s simply that those cells have some genetic damage causing them to operate and replicate incorrectly. This genetic basis for the condition is one of the big reasons why so many people are eagerly watching Tempus.


Tempus is working on methods to directly target cancer in the areas which differentiate it from normal human cells. It might seem like a common sense approach that would have been used extensively already. One can see why this isn’t the case simply from the nature of Lefkofsky’s relationship with the company. Basically, working on anything at the genetic level is incredibly cutting edge work. It’s also something that relies on heavy duty computational techniques that most people aren’t comfortable with yet.


One of the most important things about Lefkofsky is his overall vision. Most people view computers as a tool to accomplish one given task. To Lefkofsky, computers are a multipurpose tool which should be able to enhance almost any part of life. This kind of all encompassing vision is what drove Groupon to be such a revolutionary technology. It took existing tools and combined them into something nobody else had been able to see before. Lefkofsky saw that companies had something to offer potential customers. He also saw that these potential customers all had methods of instantly connecting with a company.


It was only when Lefkofsky ( stepped in to create a bridge with Groupon that the two groups could actually come together to benefit each other. This is similar to what he can bring to Tempus. He’s someone who sees the potential in the various tools that are out there, and how it can come together to meet an unmatched need. In this case how computers can be used to go over huge amounts of complex medical data in order to help offer up new treatment options.

More information: Eric Lefkofsky — Liz Lefkofsky Provide Funding to Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights

Erick Lefkofsky: Making a Great Difference in the Business and Charitable Worlds

Erick Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur with several companies. In recent a report of Forbes, he is worth around $1.58 billion. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a technology firm with a built-in operating system that battles cancer. He is the managing director and co-founder of Lightbank, a venture capital company for disruptive technologies. He is also the Chairman and co-founder of Groupon, a well-known international e-commerce marketplace, and the co-founder of Uptake Technologies, a leader in predictive analytics company of the world’s largest industries. And he is the co-founder of InnerWorkings (INWK), Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), and Mediaocean. He is also a co-founder of Chicago-based venture capital firm, Lightbank.


Philanthropy and Community Pursuits


In 2006, he and his wife, Elizabeth, established a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. This foundation is established to support charitable, educational, and scientific organizations and causes worldwide. The foundation possesses a focus on children, and this foundation has funded over 50 organizations. In May 2008, Lefkofsky joined the committee to bring in the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago. And in 2013, Lefkofsky and his spouse joined The Giving Pledge also.


According to the Chicago Tribune, Lefkofsky also participates greatly in other community interests, as well as being an adjunct professor for the University of Chicago. He serves the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as a Trustee, and he also serves on the board for the World Business Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry. Additionally, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, a performing arts institution in Chicago.


Education and Early Life


Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969, and he was raised in Southfield, Michigan.  Afterwards, he attended and graduated from the University of Michigan with honors in 1991. He then continued to attend the University of Michigan Law School in which he received his Juris Doctor degree in 1993.

Find Lefkofsky on Facebook to keep up with his news and information.

Upgrade for Talk Fusion’s App Adds New Features

Talk Fusion has recently risen to be the global leader in video marketing. The marketing of their new app, called Video Chat, has already two rewards by introducing innovative new features for streamline user communication.

Features to Look Forward To in the New Upgrade

Talk Fusion has already moved forward with making chatting with team members easier than ever. Several enhancements have been made so users can track, talk, and text with other people in their team in order to coordinate their efforts effectively.

While there are other apps out on the market that allow users to speak with one another, Video Chat offers an advantage. The free app can be shared between multiple mobile devices and doesn’t require a sign-up or account registration for users to use the services.

Video Chat is unique since it allows people to talk face to face with anyone on any device that has the app. The newest upgrade guests who log into the app can join video, create, and even share chat rooms so they can communicate with their team members. Unlike other apps, Video Chat is also ad free to reduce distractions and to allow users to focus on their discussions.

Communication App Great for Growing a Business

Businesses have a core of team members who coordinate with one another in order to plan or discuss new decisions. These business decisions can’t always happen in the conference room, but receiving that facial recognition from other team members is still a vital aspect of the communication process. Talk Fusion’s app offers a new and innovative platform for team members to communicate with one another from wherever they are in the world without having to leave their location. Why schedule a meeting and adhere to a strict schedule when users can just pick up a device and join a chatroom?

The convenience of Video Chat is perfect for users who prefer face-to-face discussions and all they need is a device that can run the app. Video Chat is free to download and can be acquired from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?

Naomi Campbell Strives To Help Those In Need

Naomi Campbell is an original supermodel whose career has been both incredible and fascinating. She was first discovered in the United Kingdom at the age of 15. Since she began working the runway, she has graced the cover of over five hundred magazines. She was the first black model to be featured on Vogue in Russia, Britain, France, and managed to land the cover of TIME Magazine.

She has worked with the top designers in the world such as Versace, Chanel, Doce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Christian Dior just to name a few. Not only has she been featured in print but she has also had a successful run on television and in movies. She has made guest appearances on some of the most famous television shows ever such as The Fresh Price Of Bel-Aire. Musicians have also featured Naomi Campbell in music videos. She can be seen in Madonna’s Erotica as well as Michael Jackson’s In The Closet.

Naomi Campbell is also a philanthropist. She created a charity fashion show called Fashion For Relief. It was designed to help the resident in areas that were affected by hurricane Katrina in 2005. To date, Fashion For Relief has help fashion shows globally and has managed to raise millions of dollars in funds for those in need Your text to link…. Naomi is also the host of the hit reality television show called The Face. The Face combines all aspects of modeling such as print, photography, and brand representation and gives the contestants a chance to land a real role in the world of high fashion modeling.

Naomi Campbell has enjoyed huge success over the course of her career and has used her fame and connections to help those that need it most. She has cemented her place in history and is still active in the industry today.

Young Town Residential Seeing Huge Success

Town Residential has only been in business for three years. In that time, they have grown from a single office in New York City to ten different offices that are able to serve nearly all of the Manhattan area because of the locations that they are located in throughout different parts of the city.


As a business, Town Residential has done much more in three years than some businesses in New York City have done in decades of being in business. They have made sure that they were able to be successful from the beginning and this helped them to be better than they had ever even imagined being. There were many things that helped propel Town Residential to the top including their commitment to clients that they served, the connections that they made and their ability to continue growing no matter what went on in the city.


While it is not uncommon for real estate agencies to be very committed to their clients, Town Residential has done much more than some of the other companies in the New York City area. They have worked hard to be successful but this has not got in the way of what they could do with their clients. No matter how big they get, they are sure to always make their clients happy. They want them to be as happy as possible and this means that they go above and beyond for each of the clients that they serve in New York City.


Connections are everything in the real estate business and Town Residential knows that. They have the best connections in the city and they are often able to get the first access to some of the most prominent developments in the city because they know so many people. The connections that they have made have also helped them to secure new clients who they may not have been able to even meet if it weren’t for the ones that they already worked with. This made them better at what they did for their clients and ensured that they were getting the most out of their business.


Town Residential does not plan on stopping their growth at any time. They do not want to limit what they are able to do and, for that reason, they have worked hard to keep growing. They want to make sure that they can reach everyone who needs them in New York City. Whether that means that they will open more diverse offices, open more offices in Manhattan or even open offices up in different parts of the city is dependent upon what they are able to do as a premier real estate company in the future.