Wengie Breaksdown Korean Skincare Routine


Well known beauty blogger and vlogger Wengie gives us an organized version of a ten step Korean skin care routine. The routine itself is a bit daunting for people regardless if time or money is the issue. Wengie lays out the routine in an uncomplicated way so that it’s easy for anyone to follow along. She also explains ways to move around obstacles like the lengthy process and financial issue.


Wengie suggests making the most of your time while doing the skincare routine, such as listening to music while putting on the products. If a product is simply too expensive or someone doesn’t wish to spend that much money on a product, Wengie reminds everyone that there are cheaper brands and despite various names it is possible to find the same product for much less.


Usually, Wengie goes over products in detail and explains where the product is from and other intricate information. However, this is mostly just a general video going over the ten step Korean skincare routine. It’s understandable that with so many products involved someone could become confused and Wengie has arranged a guideline for people to follow. She suggests starting with the most watery products first and gradually moving down the line to the thicker products. This will help anyone who gets lost or can’t remember which product to use next.


The ten steps are essentially as follows: Pre-Cleanser, Cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner, Essence, Sheet/Face Mask, Serums (whitening, anti-aging, etc.), Eye Cream (this step can be as needed or switched up for problem areas other than eyes), Moisturizer, Sleeping Mask. A few steps can be taken out or customized to suit your skin first and foremost. For example, if your skin is sensitive Wengie suggests not exfoliating daily as it can cause your skin to thicken. The serums are also optional, it’s not necessary to keep this step included but it’s something to be considered on an individual basis.


Wengie’s Korean Skincare Routine video is available to watch on YouTube and can be found here.