The Generous Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is generous woman who has spent more than 20 years helping people as a licensed psychotherapist in Massachusetts. Patty Rocklage graduated with her degrees in psychology from the prestigious University of Southern California in 1981. Her communication style is warm, and she feels absolutely privileged to help individuals, couples and families to work through their struggles and to overcome the ever-present difficulties of life. During her professional career helping people, Patty has gained valuable skills that make her work that much more special and unique. She has done public speaking, life coaching, team building and teaching. With these skills and her warm method of communication, her countless clients have been able to achieve personal success in their lives.

Outside of her professional life, she continues to give her time to the community of Massachusetts. Patty and her husband gave a major, and much needed gift, to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s chemistry department in 2016, where her husband has worked for many years. This gift enables the chemistry department the ability to renovate their important nano-chemistry labs that are used by students and scientists alike. Patty also selflessly volunteers with the Sudanese Education Fund. The Sudanese Education Fund helps people from South Sudan adjust to life in Massachusetts. The work that Patty does for the people from South Sudan includes helping them find stable jobs, finding educational stability to improve themselves and gaining financial stability. Through her work for the Sudanese Education Fund, she spends her free time continuing to help those in need find personal growth and success and her Website.