Smart lighting, Smart Move

The push to include LED bulbs in the home is a money saving measure for which a lot of homeowners opt. One step further could add smart lighting bulbs.We have smart phones, smart cars and smart homes. Moving into smart lighting is not a far stretch. In fact, it could be the smartest move one could make. Gooee is one Smart Lighting company testing out products to make this a reality.

What is smart lighting? The short answer is energy efficient lighting connected to devices wirelessly to increase savings and efficiency for you, the consumer. The connectivity may happen through a wireless hub or communication center and/or Bluetooth technology.

Gooee is one company dedicated to outperforming the competition in the smart lighting industry. They have developed technology to link the internet of things, through sensor technology, to the cloud network. This holds promise for everything from the monitoring of traffic through high flow buildings, to the adjustment of temperatures merely through the controls on one’s cell phone or tablet. Soon, Gooee and their partner companies may make it all possible through their releasing of the latest IoT techno gadgetry.