Doug Levitt Paints a True Picture of Today’s America

There were once days when people envisioned a land of possibilities in which every one was able to earn their keep while living the life they fashioned for themselves. Those days of America sadly have long gone and instead have been replaced by stories of factory closings, incarcerations, and financial strife. But as people congregate more closely than before in cities looking for employment opportunities much of the real America has been left in unseen pockets of the land, known to very few outsiders.

It is this unseen version of America, the country that has been left reeling to adapt to a global economy, that writer, poet, musician, and former CNN correspondent Doug Levitt sought out and embraced in his works. Through travelling across the country and meeting with many of the people who have fallen through the cracks of a system that has long stopped functioning, Doug Levitt captured the essence of the reality many Americans live every day, which given the current disconnect and the political problems it has caused, is more necessary now than ever.

Doug Levitt Finds Healing and Hope on the Road

Though stories of Neo-Nazi seat mates, ex-cons making their way home fresh from the institution, and fellow travelers looking for promises of better days sounds like it would make for bleak content, Doug Levitt found the bit of hope every American inherently has and in turn found true healing during his time on the road and his work aptly reflects that.

Spread across different mediums, The Greyhound Diaries offers an a wholly unheard view of where our country has found itself and the people that are making the best of what life has given them.

Through songs, spoken words, and poems Doug Levitt conveys unknown sights to people while showing the connection that brings all of us together in unison, trying to perserve despite our circumstances.

The entire collection is definitely worth it’s weight in stories and certainly will be added to the great volume of American literature and music that defines our country.

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