Norman Pattiz and The Success of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s founder, and currently, he serves as the company’s executive chairman. The company deals with the advertisement of podcast network. Today, the company has more than 340-hour of weekly programming across over two hundred leading podcasts.

PodcastOne’s activities are supported by a sister company called Edison Research, a leader in podcasting space research. Edison Research offers strategic information that includes a wider range of clients such as AMC Theatres, Activision, Dolby Laboratories, Gulf News and Disney.

In May 2016, Pattiz was celebrated by the Forbes magazine, in their Global Chang Makers issue, as having infused his celebrity to greatest hits. Pattiz also founded Westwood One, a company that is involved in the provision of entertainment, news, traffic programming and news in the Broadcast industry.

Courtside Entertainment Group is another company launched by Pattiz in 2010 which deals with the production of quality programming. Some of the familiar brands and personalities line-up associated with PodcastOne include Steve Austin, Adam Carolla, Heather, Dubrow, Dan Patrick, Larry King, Shaquille O’ Neal and more than other podcasts brands available today.

On February 9, 2017, Norman made an announcement about a comprehensive study result whose aim was to look at the advertising results tests. The study focused on five common consumer brands in five categories of products and services.

The study was the first one to be ever carried out before and after campaign brand lift. The study which was conducted in the second half of 2016, indicated a high positive impact about podcast’s advertising on such brands like the intention of making a purchase and recalling of specific messaging. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The study revealed that majority of Podcast consumers mentioned a particular grocery after the campaign and there was unsupported awareness increase of podcast brands after the study. That is, 47% of financial services products, 37% in the automobile commodities and 24% for garden and lawn product. The study also presented that a third of respondents indicated their attraction to auto aftermarket product.

In 2016, the study on PodcastOne’s advertising effectiveness was conducted in three different studies. Podcast carried out online surveys on various audiences of podcast products before the actual launch of podcast campaigns.

The results of the research indicated that Podcast‘s audience is receptive to messaging brands and there is increased eagerness to purchase the brands. According to Norman Pattiz, their focus was to be able to verify their major brands independently with the aim of measuring their advertising impact individually.