How Brad Reifler’s Career Background has been Instrumental in Shaping the Growth of Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler is an American respected entrepreneur and finance executive. He is also the creator Forefront Capital, a financial company that he currently runs as CEO. Reifler also served as the first CEO and executive board chair of Pali Capital.

Reifler Trading Company

Reifler’s professional career began back in 1980. As an entrepreneur, Reifler’s first business venture was known as Reifler Trading Company. The company managed accounts containing millions of dollars, for several individuals and businesses. Its services also encompassed execution, derivative advisory, information dissemination, and institutional research.

Brad Reifler sold the venture to Refco in 2000 after fostering its growth and presence in the financial services market of the U.S. Reifler Trading Company had been ranked among the top largest independent future operations companies in the U.S.

Reifler also worked as a trader for Refco before selling Reifler Trading Company. He currently works for Sino Mercury Company as the director. Reifler previously served in the same capacity at Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler is also regarded as the brains behind Pali Capital. He founded the firm to serve as a sell side broker that focuses on equity markets. Under his leadership, Pali Capital managed to generate commission income of over $1 billion. The firm also comprises of more than 300 employees working in offices across four continents. Brad Reifler used Pali Capital to advance his business endeavors to the hedge fund industry.

Forefront Capital

Reifler’s most recent business venture, Forefront Capital, began its operations back in 2009. The company has formed alliances with business leaders, top investment bankers, and licensed investment advisers throughout its less than one decade of experience. The group’s subsidiaries, such as Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC, fostered this achievement.

Forefront Capital also managed to enlist the expertise of board members of Fortune 100 and 500 companies courtesy of Reifler’s hard work. One member of the company’s executive board serves as the president of three corporations, and another is a recipient of China’s version of Nobel Prize in Economics.

Through Brad Reifler’s efforts as CEO, Forefront Capital is renowned for its highly differentiated product and service offering.

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