Online Harassment In The Wikipedia Community

A problem with harassment

Online harassment today is very common and everywhere. Wikipedia has not been spared from the harassment either. In a recent email that was published for Wikipedia editors, a man highlighted the difficulties that people in online platforms face.


The editor who volunteered to make Wikipedia page reached a breaking point and decided to speak against the harassment. He wrote to reach out to everyone that attacks people online. The editor says that he got lectured on policies by even people that use three letter shortcuts. The first story about the editor’s email was published in Motherboard.


The editor had attempted to make new Wikipedia page but faced obstructions in doing so. There were further problems as the disagreements resulted in name calling and finally ended up blocking the editor from the site.


It appears that the harassment just like anyone else did hurt the volunteer editor to the extent of him contemplating suicide. It takes a lot of effort when making Wikipedia page. The editor had spent his time to make Wiki page only for his work to be away. Worse he was insulted and accused of being obsessed. The editor at the moment as per the follow-up emails is okay.

There were angry reactions after the email with other people who have also contributed to Wikipedia’s site. The all came out to reported that they also had experienced bullying on the platform.

How to get onto Wikipedia

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Monitoring online media is difficult; Wikimedia has over 80,000 contributors. According to New York Times, however, the editors are reducing. Wikimedia director Katherine Maher in a phone call interview said that they always try to take action to ensure safety.


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