Cotemar is at the Heart of the Silent Mexican Oil Revolution

For a long time, Pemex has been the main company for oil production. It was after the Mexican government nationalized all oil assets in the country. It is currently the second largest government-owned oil company. However, that could change soon.

The government recently began to issue tenders to private companies for oil exploration. The challenge of working in an environment that was previously controlled only by Pemex is going to be tough. If these private companies such as Cotemar step up, they could help boost Mexico’s oil production.

There will no doubt be a number challenges. For instance, some of the new companies have inherited land conflicts from Pemex. There are also many unresolved social issues. Additionally, there are issues to do with infrastructure theft. Despite all the challenges, there is no doubt the Mexican petroleum is undergoing a major revolution.

One of the challenges for the revolution will be during the issuing of tenders for deep-water exploration. The Mexican government has to deal with the headache of regulation, something that was not there before. In the issuance of deep-water tenders, the government must ensure that there is an increase in oil production, taxation, and royalties. The aim is to reduce the over-dependence on Pemex for cash.

Cotemar’s Services

Cotemar is a Mexico-based company that has been a major provider of services to Pemex. The company is involved in all areas that Pemex works in. They help the state oil producer develop technologies that make it possible to extract oil resources offshore. Cotemar is involved in different areas of offshore oil production like food and lodging, construction of vessels, maintenance, air transport, and marine operation.

Cotemar was founded about 37 years ago. Its aim at the time was to be a service provider for the oil industry in Mexico. They have since become the largest provider of offshore services in all of Mexico. Cotemar has developed a large fleet of over 30 vessels that makes it possible for the company to offer these services.

Cotemar is constantly seeking new ways to expand its services in the oil industry. To do this, they have set up many effectiveness indicators. Cotemar want to ensure that the services they offer are of top quality. As a result, their clients can always expect to receive quality services.

With the oil industry set to expand in Mexico. Cotemar is in a special position to offer its clients services that will otherwise be hard to access in the country. As of now, the future looks great.