Roc Nation Moves Forward With Powerful Entertainment Exec Desiree Perez

Who is Desiree Perez? While most of the public may be unfamiliar with her name, Desiree is behind some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, helping to orchestrate events and appearances by such artists as Jay Z and Rihanna. In fact, Ms. Perez has maintained a 20 year relationship with Jay Z, even as others in the music industry have come to both fear and respect her as an unstoppable force.

Desiree, or Dez, as her close acquaintances know her, was the driving force behind the recent Rihanna Samsung collaboration. While Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, and Jana Fleischman round off Perez’s Roc Nation team, there can be no denying that Dez is the star quarterback, driving home win after win.  More to read on

As the driving force behind Roc Nation, Jay Z has involved Perez in negotiations, as the rapper’s $150 million deal with Live Nation nears its conclusion. As a part of that deal, Live Nation had bought rights to the Jay Z’s recordings, but sources indicate Live Nation is eager to veer away from recorded music. Since 2008, when the deal was made, digitized music and online streaming has changed the way music is purchased and utilized.  Check

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In light of the end of that arrangement, Jay Z is enlisting Ms. Perez in finding new investors for Roc Nation. Desiree and Jay currently have their sights set on Sir Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG). While UMG already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation, it’s hoped that Perez will be able to convince Grainge to take a bigger stake in the company.  Related article on

If Desiree Perez and Jay Z can convince the UMG head to invest further in Roc Nation, it has been suggested that the deal would allow Jay Z the freedom and funding to back more up and coming artists.

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