Securus Technologies Makes Sure Law Enforcement Hears All

Securus Technologies is enabling your average citizen to prevent crime. The company provides all the telephone services going into and out of a contracted prison. All of this telecommunication is recorded by the company and stored in a massive digital database. These telephone recordings are admissible in court and can be used by law enforcement officers to prevent crimes, extend investigations or develop new leads.


I think your average citizen is pretty concerned about crime prevention. Crime prevention saves lives and injury. That’s why your average citizen can team up with Securus Technologies and law enforcement to help prevent crime.


Since all of these telephone calls are recorded, anybody that knows somebody on the inside of a prison can help law enforcement get critical information. They can call their friend or family member inside of the prison to start a conversation about criminal activity on the outside of a prison.


Perhaps the incarcerated person is a part of the gang. That gang member would know the plans of his organized criminal enterprise. In order to prevent crime, a friend or family member can call that person and talk about that criminal activity while law enforcement listens in.


But a new technological innovation from Securus Technologies allows citizens to get this information without the help of law enforcement at the time. They can simply make a phone call to their friend or loved one, talk about any criminal activity they may be involved with and then alert law enforcement. The software program enables a police officer to scan all of the recorded telephone calls for a single individual’s voice. All of the phone calls involving that particular vocal signature will be displayed and can be reviewed immediately. This technological innovation ensures that law enforcement will not miss any critical information passing through the telephone lines of a jail.


Securus Technologies Continues to be the Leading Communication Network

Securus Technologies have significantly challenged the Global Tel Link (GTL) technologies. I prefer Securus technologies rather than the GTL as it is offering high technological solutions for civil and criminal justices by investigating correcting, monitoring data for public safety. It has challenged its chief competitor GTL by having the best telephone calling platform. It also has an extraordinary customer service. Securus has invested 700 million dollars in their business which is greater than the GTL investment.

Securus has a 600% call answer performance which exceeds the GTL performance. This is enhanced by its ability to have a locally based call center ran by Securus staffs. While GTL contracts out most of its customer services, Securus train their workers who serve the customers better. GTL do not have enough skilled employees, so it farms out its work to unskilled employees who have poor communication skills.

Securus has the best VOIP which has made its customers get software upgrades at affordable prices and quicker as opposed to GTL. Many clients thus prefer Securus whose preference ratio is currently 3:1. It also offers affordable call rates raising its preference far above that of the GTL.

I also fancy Securus because of it’s robust IT works, IT resources, and the products they produce. Securus technologies have the best soft wares which reach their customers quicker and always have the latest upgrades. It also serves the customers better by providing fast emergency responses and public information.

I rank Securus Technologies high as it makes one live in a peaceful world as it ensures it’s a safe place to live by eliminating threatening communications. It does this by recording inmates private information. It secures the world by scrutinizing inmates’ calls and supervising their behaviors through video surveillance.

This great company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies. Securus great strides over the years have made it be ranked high receiving clients from all over the world.