Goettl Air conditioning: Merger with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air

In January 2017, Las Vegas Air and Paradise air officially merged with Goettl Air conditioning. Goettl has joined with many other Southwestern companies, and wants to continue expanding. Las Vegas and Paradise Air both happily merged with Goettl. Stephen Gamst (Of Las Vegas air) has said that he and Ken Goodrich (of Goettl air) have had lot’s of positive experiences over the years.

Las Vegas air and Paradise were only doing HVAC services before the merger, but between them, the companies will be able to offer their customers air conditioning as well as plumbing services. Strip Malls and Multi-family properties will be able to recieve their services.

Helping many people in his community, Kenneth Goodrich has been regarded as a leader. He is the founder of Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology which helps students and veterans gain experience in the HVAC business. He has also donated to schools that have been vandalized.

Goettl Air Conditioning was voted the best in Arizona, and American Residential Service has been using the company to expand out of the Mid West.

After growing up in the hot state of Arizona, the Goettl brothers decided that they had had enough of the heat. In 1939, they opened up Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Eventually, the company moved to Las Vegas to do business there. They stayed in Las Vegas until 2008, when they moved back to Arizona under new management.

The company now operates HVAC and AC systems all over the state of Arizona.

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