“The Venezuelan Phenomenon Thor Halvorssen”

In 2005, Halvorssen became Founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). By August of 2006, the HRF headquarters was based in New York City. The HRF is a manifestation of an international group where human rights are held in the highest esteem and developed the ultimate goal of a human rights movement. Implementation of these two concepts involved the freedom of tyranny and self-determination.

Major events that the Human Rights Foundation have been associated with include the International Council of several well known prisoners conscience and democracy activists. Thor advocated and lobbied the release of Chinese political prisoners, Halvorssen was also a supporter of UN-level violations of Chinese rights.

Thor has also criticized Uganda’s president about the usage of the death penalty to punish homosexuals. The assault on democracy and individual rights in Latin America, and Venezuela’s anti-Semitism has also been critiqued by Thor Halvorssen, without hesitation has passed judgement on Republicans and Democrats as well.

Halvorssen has spoken out against freedom of speech violations by Panama’s President. He highlights political prisoner cases in Vietnam, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. Columbian human right defenders has also been a part of Thor’s advocacy campaigns.

Some examples of Thor’s political involvement include:

1) Lucent Technologies in 1999 where Halvorssen actively supported the prohibition of slave labor in China.

2) Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Halvorssen became the Chief Executive Officer and first executive director in 1999, of this organization based on U.S. Civil Liberties original source.

3) The Heritage Foundation based on libertarian and conservative advocacy.

4) The Eagle Forum defined as free expression for feminists.

5) The ACLU described as more traditional free speech defenders.

6) The OLSO Freedom Forum founded in 2009 by Thor outlined as a global gathering of Human Rights Advocates.

7) The Children’s Peace Movement Halvorssen was listed as a “Patron” for children who live in war torn countries.

, Thor Halvorssen’s Film Contributions Co-production, Executive Production and Sole Production include:

“Freedom’s Fury”,”Hammer and Tickle”, “Indoctrinate U”, “The Singing Revolution”, “The Sugar Babies” and “2081”.

Halvorssen will fight for your rights!!