Investment Management at Highland Capital

The multibillion-dollar company was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada as an investment manager. Highland Management serves financial institutions, governments, funds of funds and high net-worth individuals among others. Its headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas, and moreover, it has offices in other regions including New York, Singapore, Buenos Aires and more.

The asset structures within its operations include mutual funds, hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLO), separate accounts and more. It is an equal opportunity employer. It has an affiliate company in Korea which recently closed a multimillion-dollar private equity which had a total of $147 million in commitments. The equity is a healthcare fund which will bear returns for the firm even as their services spread all over Korea and China. The funds’ investor is South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS), and its value is almost $500 billion. Visit to know more.

Highland Capital management has extensively expanded to serve in Asia. The company is working with Stonebridge Capital that is meant to manage the fund. It is for the first time that Highland Capital has had a healthcare equity fund in Asia since it began functioning there. Investors are now seeking to work together with Highland fund to achieve the goals set for Asia and the US. The company has a vast experience in healthcare for more than 15 years since its inception.

Currently, it is aiming to manage North America and Asia. Their middle markets which have already recorded $1.5 billion in assets by May 2017. Its management could stabilize the disruptive nature of healthcare industry as observed in the US, which has affected the healthcare market negatively over time. If the healthcare services in America are increased and utilized like it is in Asia, investors in the healthcare will have an opportunity to flourish. Read more about Highland Capital at

Among its many featured services, Highland has alternative investments such as emerging markets, long and short equities and natural resources. It has capabilities and expertise that continuously attracts Asian investors whether direct or through multi-purpose funds. Apart from business, the company is a constant charitable giver in support for community projects.


Following The Upswing of Highland Capital, Connecting With Healthcare Expansion Needs in Asia

Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has had over 15 years of experience in private equity, relating to healthcare companies within the industry. Recently, in May 2017, Highland Capital closed a deal with a South Korea, utilizing the investors of the South Korea National Pension Service. The deal involves a $147 million dollar fund, investing in healthcare firms and government structural needs. Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. Is an affiliate of the U.S. Based firm. As an anchor investor, the NPS of South Korea, established in 1988, has been valued at over $450 billion dollars.


Highland Capital Management’s expansion into South Korea, is the first healthcare-oriented private equity fund for the company in Asia. Korean firm Stonebridge Capital, a qualified private equity and venture capitalist firm, will co-manage the fund, alongside Highland. Highland was recognized for its successful leveraging of energy stocks in 2016, when oil prices hit rock bottom. Investors with Highland saw a benefit of 32% return on their investment. As the market trends have pointed toward increasing lucrative options within the healthcare sector, making connections with South Korea was inevitable.


Highland Capital Management has reported over $1.5 billion in assets under management. The firm seeks to target its primary investment with middle market healthcare groups located within North America and Asia. The managing director and co-head of private equity, Matt Jameson, has noted the “disruptive forces that acutely affect…the middle market,” according to Deal Street Asia. As the demographic served by healthcare services in America is aging, the increased healthcare access in Asia is driving greater consumer and government demand alike. Michael Gregory, the Chief Investment Officer for Highland Capital, noticed the signs that a “tremendous rebound” was imminent, regarding the healthcare sector for 2017, back in 2016.


In addition to hedge funds and long-only accounts, private equity, emerging markets, and natural resources are also some of Highland Capital Management’s offerings to clients.