Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein came with the idea of starting Hager Pacific Properties after different employers down looked his good experience and offered him less income compared with what less qualified people received. It is after three fruitful years of working as a broker that he decided to start his own business in real estate whereby he commenced independent operations in the sector. Another important thing Milstein realized is that getting engaged with philanthropic practices enabled him to work in a more fulfilling manner. He is the kind of person who believes in succeeding where other people failed. More so, he does not allow any distractions to block his way in achieving his dreams. Adam Milstein termed real estate as an interesting sector whereby despite having challenges, there are also benefits. He advises business people to first understand themselves and that makes everything easier. Hence, every person in every kind of business ought to be part of the solution and not vice versa. More so, understanding and contemplating the challenges makes the way forward. Milstein does not believe in giving opportunity to criticism while patience is one of the key factors that led to his success.

Adam Milstein is a great philanthropist, a real estate investor and a community pioneer. Israel is his country of origin whereby he served in IDF during the Yom Kippur War and in 1978, he graduated in Technion institution. After arriving in USA in 1981, Milstein studied in USC where he graduated with an MBA and in Southern California; he started his career in Commercial Real Estate. Milstein is the co-founder & National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council where he chairs on matters of national development. He is also a member of different organizations such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AIPAC National Council, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, and AISH Los Angeles. Together with his wife, Milstein is the Sifriyat Pijama B’America’s co-founder. The organization provides people with free books on monthly basis in Hebrew dialect to promote training of Jewish values in more than 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American families around United States.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello: Talented CEO And Mathematition, Attorney And Caring Philanthropist

Newark, New Jersey native Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello has worked his way up from a working-class neighborhood to become America’s highest paid CEO.

It is a journey that has taken his through Yale University, Harvard Law School, famous New York law firm Baker & McKenzie to the leadership of Nabors Industries, one of the leading gas and oil drilling companies on the planet. The journey has had some surprising twists and turns, but they have all helped to make Petrello into the husband, father, chief executive and philanthropist he is today. Each step along the way has taught him valuable lessons.

When high school math whiz Tony Petrello left Newark to study mathematics at Yale University under famed mathematician Serge Lang, most people predicted he would have an illustrious career in academia. Instead, after earning his bachelor’s and masters degrees in mathematics, he choose to attend Harvard Law School. Once he got his juris doctor, he took a position with New York law firm Baker & Mckenzie in 1986. He was soon made managing director. His work was so impressive he was hired by Nabors Industries, one of Baker & McKenzie’s biggest clients, as their chief operating officer.

At Nabors Industries Tony Petrello steadily climbed the corporate ladder. A year after being hired by the company he was promoted to president. He was named deputy director of the Houston, Texas based drilling contractor a short time later. In 2011 he was named CEO of the company and then in 2012 he was elected chairman of the board. His excellent work led to a significant increase in pay. By 2015 the Associated Press had identified him as the highest paid chief executive in the country. He had earned over $68 million in compensation that year. It was a success story that can serve as inspiration for many inner-city youths as they face the many challenges in their communities.

Always a caring individual, Petrello became even more involved in philanthropy when his daughter was born prematurely and had cerebral palsy. Petrello gave $7 million to Texas Children’s hospital to be used to build a research for neurological issues and is now director of Texas ?Children’s Hospital Inc. And Anthony Petrello also continues to support a number of other philanthropic causes. Petrello’s success is an example of what can be accomplished when a person focuses their energy, time and talent to a goal and takes advantage of their opportunities.

Upgrade for Talk Fusion’s App Adds New Features

Talk Fusion has recently risen to be the global leader in video marketing. The marketing of their new app, called Video Chat, has already two rewards by introducing innovative new features for streamline user communication.

Features to Look Forward To in the New Upgrade

Talk Fusion has already moved forward with making chatting with team members easier than ever. Several enhancements have been made so users can track, talk, and text with other people in their team in order to coordinate their efforts effectively.

While there are other apps out on the market that allow users to speak with one another, Video Chat offers an advantage. The free app can be shared between multiple mobile devices and doesn’t require a sign-up or account registration for users to use the services.

Video Chat is unique since it allows people to talk face to face with anyone on any device that has the app. The newest upgrade guests who log into the app can join video, create, and even share chat rooms so they can communicate with their team members. Unlike other apps, Video Chat is also ad free to reduce distractions and to allow users to focus on their discussions.

Communication App Great for Growing a Business

Businesses have a core of team members who coordinate with one another in order to plan or discuss new decisions. These business decisions can’t always happen in the conference room, but receiving that facial recognition from other team members is still a vital aspect of the communication process. Talk Fusion’s app offers a new and innovative platform for team members to communicate with one another from wherever they are in the world without having to leave their location. Why schedule a meeting and adhere to a strict schedule when users can just pick up a device and join a chatroom?

The convenience of Video Chat is perfect for users who prefer face-to-face discussions and all they need is a device that can run the app. Video Chat is free to download and can be acquired from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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