The Ascent of EOS

EOS has long been one of the most successful companies in the lip balm industry. For almost a decade the brand has reinvigorated what was a rather moribund industry and helped customers to find the products that they increasingly desired. The major secrets behind EOS’ success were in their product formula and market which allowed the brand to create superior products that customers lapped up. While the company was traditionally quiet and did not offer many press releases about their business, they opened up about their history and product growth in a recent article in Fast Company.

This article discussed how EOS lip balm started out from a dedicated plan to move into the lip balm industry when they noticed that the brands were not selling products designed for modern tastes. Customers were increasingly looking for products designed from natural organic ingredients that provided customers with assurance that the ingredients would not be harmful to them. Instead of petroleum jelly, EOS used natural ingredients and oils like jojoba and coconut oil. EOS did not use wax or artificial ingredients in their lip balm and marketed these features which met the changing tastes of customers in which they were increasingly concerned with the quality of the ingredients that were in the products that they consumed.

EOS then marketed on Facebook and other social media platforms their lip balms starting with the container that they were sold in. EOS used these unique orbs to sell their lip balm which were convenient, sanitary, and colorful. EOS then partnered with some of the largest retail distributors and was able to reach an increasing number of customers as a result. These strategies paid off and EOS was able to quickly grow and dominate an industry that they just entered, redefining the space and providing customers with increased variety and quality lip balms to use.

EOS lip balm products are available online on eBay and Amazon.

Are You Looking For Investment Options?

Edward Buffett has gambled $1 million in the hope that he can get better investment returns than hedge fund managers by investing in an index fund. In his latest yearly shareholder letter, Mr. Edward shares some of his wisdom thoughts based on his extensive years of investing. First, customers should be cautious of different type of product labels.

An “active vs. passive” debate is an argument that doesn’t serve investors. Numerous mutual funds offer poor or average long-run returns, in part because of excessive trading and high management fees. But in actuality, it isn’t about active investment or passive but delivering excessive trading investment returns on a long-term.

It is time to try the concept that index returns (passive) are the safer path for a better retirement. No doubt those funds have their place; however, they offer no cushion against unexpected downfall in markets. Opposing to what index supporters say, there’s nothing random regarding doing better than the average market over the long term.

Tim D. Armour is chairman of a globally acclaimed financial company known as Capital Group Companies. He is working as principal, executive officer and chairman of Capital R&M, a subsidiary of Capital Group, LLC, along with an additional role of equity portfolio manager. Armour has more than three decades of investment experience and that all with Capital.

In the beginning of his career with Capital, he worked as an equity investment analyst and in that position he covered different global U.S. service and communications companies. Tim based in LA and earned his bachelorette from Middlebury College in economics.

Goettl Air conditioning: Merger with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air

In January 2017, Las Vegas Air and Paradise air officially merged with Goettl Air conditioning. Goettl has joined with many other Southwestern companies, and wants to continue expanding. Las Vegas and Paradise Air both happily merged with Goettl. Stephen Gamst (Of Las Vegas air) has said that he and Ken Goodrich (of Goettl air) have had lot’s of positive experiences over the years.

Las Vegas air and Paradise were only doing HVAC services before the merger, but between them, the companies will be able to offer their customers air conditioning as well as plumbing services. Strip Malls and Multi-family properties will be able to recieve their services.

Helping many people in his community, Kenneth Goodrich has been regarded as a leader. He is the founder of Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology which helps students and veterans gain experience in the HVAC business. He has also donated to schools that have been vandalized.

Goettl Air Conditioning was voted the best in Arizona, and American Residential Service has been using the company to expand out of the Mid West.

After growing up in the hot state of Arizona, the Goettl brothers decided that they had had enough of the heat. In 1939, they opened up Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona. Eventually, the company moved to Las Vegas to do business there. They stayed in Las Vegas until 2008, when they moved back to Arizona under new management.

The company now operates HVAC and AC systems all over the state of Arizona.

Securus Technologies Makes Sure Law Enforcement Hears All

Securus Technologies is enabling your average citizen to prevent crime. The company provides all the telephone services going into and out of a contracted prison. All of this telecommunication is recorded by the company and stored in a massive digital database. These telephone recordings are admissible in court and can be used by law enforcement officers to prevent crimes, extend investigations or develop new leads.


I think your average citizen is pretty concerned about crime prevention. Crime prevention saves lives and injury. That’s why your average citizen can team up with Securus Technologies and law enforcement to help prevent crime.


Since all of these telephone calls are recorded, anybody that knows somebody on the inside of a prison can help law enforcement get critical information. They can call their friend or family member inside of the prison to start a conversation about criminal activity on the outside of a prison.


Perhaps the incarcerated person is a part of the gang. That gang member would know the plans of his organized criminal enterprise. In order to prevent crime, a friend or family member can call that person and talk about that criminal activity while law enforcement listens in.


But a new technological innovation from Securus Technologies allows citizens to get this information without the help of law enforcement at the time. They can simply make a phone call to their friend or loved one, talk about any criminal activity they may be involved with and then alert law enforcement. The software program enables a police officer to scan all of the recorded telephone calls for a single individual’s voice. All of the phone calls involving that particular vocal signature will be displayed and can be reviewed immediately. This technological innovation ensures that law enforcement will not miss any critical information passing through the telephone lines of a jail.


Rona Borre Leads to Greater Vistas

Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona

Rona Borre has proven that someone can get up one morning, decide that it would be a good idea to build a business, and then become very wealthy with their idea. Rona Borre did that by founding a company called Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company.

Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona and then went to work for a large global staffing and recruiting company where she worked her way through the ranks until she set all kinds of production records and wound up responsible for a $30 million block of business.

Learn more about Borre’s work, click

She then decided that she want to build a business for herself, so she launched Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company from the second bedroom of her Chicago condo. From small beginnings, that company is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, offering placement primarily of finance and information technology employees.


Rona Borre’s primary business approach is to form a deep relationship with the client company to be sure that they can define exactly who and what category of employee they are looking for and why. Once those questions are answered, she and her highly trained account executives go out and find that person. Then when a match is made, everyone is happy. The fact that the process works so well is in evidence when it is revealed that Instant Alliance has only a 1% attrition rate of all employees hired since the company was founded in 2001.  Read additional post on


Rona has a motto when she speaks about the results achieved by the recruiters, when she says, “We identify exactly what is needed and when, then we go to work, and get the results.

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What Color is Your Orb?

Chapstick has always been the go-to when you had chapped lips. The all-to-familiar tube of therapy for your lips was either plain, or you could even get it in mint or, gasp-cherry. Not a lot of options. But it did the job.

Seven years ago, everything changed with the birth of EOS lip balm-an all-new pastel-colored orb of lip therapy. These orbs were a hot item and even celebrities were spotted using them.

EOS-which stands for Evolution of Smooth, made their way into beauty and fashion magazines and had become a $250 million dollar company. EOS has since grown tremendously and sells over 1 million units every week. EOS is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020-thanks to the demand for organic and natural products like EOS lip balm.

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co founder and managing partner, found that although lip balm is a fairly unisex product, it is used primarily by women. He believes that the products that women use daily should be fun and enjoyable. So, Mehra and Johnathon Teller set out to break the traditional lip balm mold.

They came up with a product that would please all five senses. The packaging of the EOS orb feels good to hold, the flavors are delectable, the colors and smells are pleasant, and even the clicking sound the orb makes when it is shut sounds satisfying.

Although it wasn’t easy getting into stores against their stiff competition, they had a successful product launch that got them into Walmart, Walgreens, eBay and even Target.


Their target audience is millennial women between the ages of 25 and 35 and they use influencer marketing to reach their audience. They have more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. They have what people like and want and will continue to grow.


“The Venezuelan Phenomenon Thor Halvorssen”

In 2005, Halvorssen became Founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). By August of 2006, the HRF headquarters was based in New York City. The HRF is a manifestation of an international group where human rights are held in the highest esteem and developed the ultimate goal of a human rights movement. Implementation of these two concepts involved the freedom of tyranny and self-determination.

Major events that the Human Rights Foundation have been associated with include the International Council of several well known prisoners conscience and democracy activists. Thor advocated and lobbied the release of Chinese political prisoners, Halvorssen was also a supporter of UN-level violations of Chinese rights.

Thor has also criticized Uganda’s president about the usage of the death penalty to punish homosexuals. The assault on democracy and individual rights in Latin America, and Venezuela’s anti-Semitism has also been critiqued by Thor Halvorssen, without hesitation has passed judgement on Republicans and Democrats as well.

Halvorssen has spoken out against freedom of speech violations by Panama’s President. He highlights political prisoner cases in Vietnam, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. Columbian human right defenders has also been a part of Thor’s advocacy campaigns.

Some examples of Thor’s political involvement include:

1) Lucent Technologies in 1999 where Halvorssen actively supported the prohibition of slave labor in China.

2) Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Halvorssen became the Chief Executive Officer and first executive director in 1999, of this organization based on U.S. Civil Liberties original source.

3) The Heritage Foundation based on libertarian and conservative advocacy.

4) The Eagle Forum defined as free expression for feminists.

5) The ACLU described as more traditional free speech defenders.

6) The OLSO Freedom Forum founded in 2009 by Thor outlined as a global gathering of Human Rights Advocates.

7) The Children’s Peace Movement Halvorssen was listed as a “Patron” for children who live in war torn countries.

, Thor Halvorssen’s Film Contributions Co-production, Executive Production and Sole Production include:

“Freedom’s Fury”,”Hammer and Tickle”, “Indoctrinate U”, “The Singing Revolution”, “The Sugar Babies” and “2081”.

Halvorssen will fight for your rights!!

Looking At The Rise Of American Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the Vice President Of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers. Her interest in football is a family affair given her father was a local football coach when she was young and her two brothers are avid football fans. She was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, and graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in business and marketing in 1986.

McGalla’s first executive level experience was the President and Chief Merchanding Officer for the retailer American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. She worked with this company for 15 years in a variety of leadership roles. During the time she worked for American Eagle Outfitters the company’s revenue went from $340 million to over $3 billion. After a period of serving as a highly sought out Retail Industry Consultant, Susan McGalla was named as the Chief Executive Officer of The Wet Seal, Inc. During her time with this company she oversaw the complete rebranding of the company’s products and ability to lead in on-point trends and quality. In January 2013 she also founded her own company. P3 Executive Consulting LLC, where she consulted on projects in the clothing specialty retail industry. She is a recognized expert in branding, operational efficiencies, and marketing of products and services.

Susan McGalla has spoken about her experiences as a woman at the top levels of corporate management. Among the many audiences she has spoken to is the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg, a city in which she has worked for much of her career. McGalla has also engaged as a speaker in the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series in which Chief Executive Officers offer their experience and wisdom to students who hope to follow their path to success.

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Vijay Eswaran Becomes a Global Game Changer

One of the Malaysian most recognized business and entrepreneurship people is Vijay Eswaran. Born on 7th October 1960, Eswaran has effectively made his way through entrepreneurship to becoming one of the World’s most achieved Individual.

Vijay is currently serving at one of the world’s largest conglomerate called QI Group of which he is a member founder holding the Chairman’s post of the Executive. Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran:

In his lifetime, Vijay has been taken part in various charitable activities in efforts to raise Life Standards. He is known to have established organizations such as RHYTHM Foundation and the Vijayarantnam Foundation. Through the two Foundations, Mr. Eswaran has carried out various projects in diverse areas including Community and Children development, Education, protection of the environment disaster reliefs among others.

Before founding the QI Group of Companies, Vijay had worked in several other fields since his early days as a student including some unusual jobs such as Construction, Driving cabs and grape picking and later in binary system marketing. Vijay Eswaran was sage to engage himself in multilevel marketing and Networking to high entrepreneurship platforms.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran studied business and economics as an undergraduate at the London Economics School and later for his Masters at the Southern Illinois University. Upon his graduation, he was appointed by the COSWAY Group to establish their branch business in the Philippines. Vijay then co-founded the MLM Company, a company which developed to become the current QI Group.

The QI Group Company has its offices located in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong and operating in over ten countries through partnerships with other companies. QI Group is involved in corporate investments, education, and training, telecommunication as well as travel.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Vijay is also a worldwide recognized speaker in various economic, businesses and religion platforms. It is also important to say that Vijay is a best-selling author who has written numerous books on philosophy, business, and general life.

Vijay’s exceptional personality, innovations, and achievements have earned him significant awards and honors including the Global Indian Philanthropy Award among others.

The Modern Day Woodie Guthrie

Doug Levitt can best be described as a modern day Woodie Guthrie. We cannot reference Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen yet as they still record and tour, but Doug Levitt is a modern day activist who keeps his eye on every day America and the Americans who populate this great country. He seems to be cut from the same cloth as the greats just mentioned. He makes his message known through excellent music and photography that ranges from average to extraordinary. His music can be heard through live performances from homeless shelters to places like The Kennedy Center. He is the type of person who is well-known yet rarely publicized. This is a man who has a keen eye for the art in everyday life and a talented ear for being able to create music and lyrics that also reflect that.


His website “The Greyhound Diaries” is the web version of just that. A diary of his travels on the Greyhound line encompassing 12 years and 120,000 miles. If this man has not seen it all, he has seen quite enough to put together a very impressive collage of photographs. These photographs show the everyday Americans who are either down on their luck or almost there, and they are referenced in towns that you could say the same about. If you want to see an America that you only hear about on the news or news programs, visit his site. If you want to hear his songs live, follow his travels and itinerary. You will not be disappointed.