Achievement of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin currently serves as the president of HCRC Staffing. He spent very many years staffing, opening and managing very many medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. He worked at this profession for very many years, and that gave him the experience that one needs so that to operate the medical business appropriately. Read more at about Brian Torchin

He then came to a point where he started staffing his offices with physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants and physical therapists. As he was working in this field and conducting all these activities, he decided to go big and opened a company that is now popularly known as HCRC Staffing. Here he is the president.

Brian Torchin is a skilled person, and he received his skills from the University of Delaware. He is a user of Facebook, and all the people who may wish to know him better should follow him on facebook. Here one gets to interact with him, and he can remember his day to day life. His profile is self-explanatory on facebook. He has shown that he is the managing partner at the Health Care Recruitment Counselors. It has also revealed that he lives in Philadelphia which is found in New York.

Most of the posts that Brian Torchin makes on Facebook are purely professional. He shows that he has a company and at the company, they employ different types of people. He has shown that the company is in need of physiotherapists, physician assistant nurse practitioners, and many other medical professions. He also posts the city in which these people will be needed. For instance, the physician assistant nurse practitioner was is necessary for Austin Texas.

Torchin is considered as a skillful person who has played an enormous role in ensuring that the health sector is in an excellent state to help the society. He does this through the company that he created which is the HCRC Staffing. He has been able to provide job opportunities for very many job seekers who are determined to work in the health sector. He is a dangerous person who wishes good for the health system in the USA.

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