Jeremy Goldstein is the initiator of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates Company. Jeremy’s company is a boutique law company whose main aim is to advice chief executive officers, offering advisory services to compensation committees, offering recommendations on issues revolving around corporate governance and offering advice to corporations and management teams pertaining executive compensation. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

This company basically offers guidelines on issues revolving around sensitive situations and transformative corporate occurrences. Jeremy Goldstein owns a J.D. from The New York University Law School and an M.S from Chicago University. Jeremy also holds a B.A cum laude from The University of Cornell having attained, in all his learning subjects, a distinction. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Before founding his company, Jeremy had joined Wachtell, Rosen, Kartz and Lipton law firm as a partner. Mr. Goldstein has helped a couple of world’s biggest corporations in their corporate transactions in the past years. This may include United Technologies acquisition of Goldrich, The Dow Company acquisitions, Duke Energy among others.

Mr. Jeremy also chairs the American Bar association business section’s acquisitions and merger subcommittee of the committee of Executive Compensation.

He speaks and writes regularly on executive compensation and corporate governance, and he has been acknowledged as the best compensation executive lawyer in the United States of America Chambers Guide and The Legal 500.

Jeremy Goldstein came up with the idea of establishing his own company after the constant talks on conflicts of interest experienced when handling executive compensation matters. After seeing many firms in the executive consulting firms break off from larger companies, he saw room for the success of law firm in this marketplace. According to him, dedication and twenty-four hours availability are vital for one to succeed in his line of work.

He believes that knowing a client has an enormous impact on the advice a lawyer gives. He invests more time in speaking with his clients periodically and sees them personally, both professionally and socially, to know them better for him to give the best advice when the time comes.

Jeremy believes that possessing new technology is relevant to the growth of a business. Jeremy Goldstein makes good use of its time and warrants productivity by limiting the amount of work he accepts. This is why Mr. Jeremy handles typically matters pertaining to extraordinary transactions since he is highly knowledgeable in this area.

He also believes that opportunities are mainly derived from setbacks. He believes that even the worst situations can yield the best results.