Securus Technologies Keeping Our City Streets Safer

My job on the fugitive task force is making the streets safer for everyone, and when we have a suspect on the loose committing violent crimes we have to get him in custody quickly. This month we had a very violent offender on the loose, and he was not shy about telling the community who he was. When he robbed a bank or held up a gas station, he never concealed his identity, daring officers to try and stop him.


Each week his crimes seems to escalate to the point we were seeing his victims wind up in the hospital for doing nothing more than complying with his orders. When he robbed a gas station and beat the attendant with his pistol because she looked at him funny, we decided to take thing to a new level and hit the jail to locate anyone who could help. During our visit we were told by corrections officers that Securus Technologies placed a new inmate call monitoring system inside the jail that was doing the work of a dozen officers, we decided to investigate.


Within minutes, the entire prison population knew I was on the premises looking for information on the suspect. While they didn’t talk to me directly, I knew my appearance would spark them to talking to each other or family on the outside. Within an hour, the Securus Technologies call system picked up chatter from one inmate telling his family to get our suspect a message. That call was key because it lead us to a location we did not yet have on our radar.


The next day, we had a team in position and the suspect walked right into the trap. He was taken into custody without incident thanks to Securus Technologies call monitoring system, a new resource we use anytime we want to make our city streets safer.


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