Seattle Genetics Doing Exceptionally Well under the Leadership of Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has served as its CEO and board chair ever since. The firm deals with cancer research and development of cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has always been passionate about medicine and he derives a lot of satisfaction from seeing his innovative therapies and drugs being used to restore the health of cancer patients and improve their quality of life.

While there were already a number of options for cancer treatment, most of them were brutal and took a physical and emotional toll on the patients. This is what motivated him to start Seattle Genetics. He wanted to devise new and improved methods of treatment that were not very harsh on the patients, and he has done a great job so far. However, he acknowledges that it was not easy to get Seattle Genetics where it is today. The company broke even a whole 10 years after its establishment, but he did not falter since he knew what he wanted and believed he could achieve it.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has had a very successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, spanning over 20 years. Some of the organizations he has worked with include the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical. He left Bristol in 1997 because he felt he lacked the autonomy he needed to carry out his projects the way he felt was best. He then went on to start Seattle Genetics, which has been a huge success. Dr. Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland and George Washington University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and a genetics Ph.D. respectively.

Clay Siegall is a self-acknowledged workaholic and it is his passion for the field of medicine that keeps him going despite the several challenges he faces. For him, every day is a new opportunity to learn more. He enjoys socializing and networking with people in all fields as there is always something new to learn from them. Clay Siegall has provided excellent leadership for Seattle Genetics, and continues to lead it to greater heights.

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