Adam Milstein Giving Back to the Community.

Adam Milstein’s prominence in the real estate industry has earned him a name and an impressive portfolio. Besides his distinctiveness in his work, Mr. Milstein is also a renowned philanthropist. The world of benevolence recognizes him for his full involvement with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Through this foundation, he has extended his support and mentorship to students across the world. The platform is usually relevant to the students as they get enriched with the Jewish roots and at the same time strengthen their connection to Israel.


The family foundation provides scholarships to students. It has in a massive way invested in the education of the Jewish scholars. As a result, many students have been able to learn about their heritage. The selflessness portrayed by Adam Milstein in community services has earned him recognition. He was named among the top 200 philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.


The Jewish community recognizes Adam Milstein as the founder of the Israel-American Council that majorly focuses on bettering the relationship between the United States and Israel. Adam Milstein has worked hard in an attempt to ensure that the council expands and development of policies concerning the Israel and Jewish relations put into place.

One thing that is clear about Adam Milstein is his determination and relentlessness in defending the rights of the Jewish people all over the world. In light to advocating for the rights of the Jewish people, he contributes to various publications. He is sentimental about the Jewish people learning how to read and write in Hebrew. He says that it will help them bond with their culture and religion. In connection to this, Adam Milstein has served to increase the opportunity for them to learn Hebrew.


His connection with the community he gives back to makes Adam Milstein a distinctive benevolent. He not only writes checks for them as many organizations are known for doing. He bond with them. Asa real estate investor, Adam Milstein acts as a managing partner at a company called Hager Pacific Properties. He holds a degree in economics and finance from Technion University. Adam Milstein has being married to Gila Milstein for over three decades now.

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