Jason Halpern Is Improving JMH Development Since 2010


Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the Principal of JMH Development, a crucial real estate company that has influenced the standards of property development since its creation.Jason, however, only assumed his position at JMH Development in 2010. Before he entered the leadership of the company, it was a business that was being run by his family, who are also entrepreneurs and business owners in the real estate industry.JMH Development, an enterprise that built buildings of respect around the United States like 184 KENT, located in BROOKLYN, NY. The building was featured in dozens of newsletters that cover important announcements in the realty world, and 184 Kent was on Metro, Daily News, and New York Family when it first was announced. After the inauguration of the immense waterfront warehouse, news outlets kept featuring the construction, remembering its remarkable architecture and linking it to some other successful projects of JMH Development.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

The 70 Henry is our team’s personal favorite. With a very simple design concept in mind, the team of architects of JMH Development, in partnership with the best specialists in the real estate business like Jason Halpern, the 70 Henry was built in Brooklyn as well, as a very luxurious yet classic style condominium. The project, very recent compared to some of the classic works of JMH Development, was approved in 2015, five years after Halpern entered his position as Principal of the enterprise.The group of experts does not settle for simple designs though. The architecture of the company is modern and offers variety. In early 2015, for example, JMH Development announced, topping off of the Aloft South Beach, a luxurious hotel that is going to be built in Miami Beach to offer a great opportunity for tourists and local customers who are passing their time in the great sands of the city.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

Part of their philosophy is that no perfect project can be achieved alone. This new hotel design was made through a partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures, which is another influential real estate company in the United States.The real estate industry is one that requires a keen eye to notice the best design ideas for a specific area and the goal for that building. Jason Halpern was a great asset to the company in that regard. Since he assumed the leadership of the enterprise, he has been making significant profitable decisions regarding the next projects to invest into. The reputation of JMH Development is increasing even more.According to the entrepreneur, dedication was essential for him to be able to where he is at now. Many young businesspeople end up failing the businesses of their families, not dedicating enough to understand the market.Jason Halpern is definitely leading the business of his family to important grounds that will revitalize even more the amazing reputation of JMH Development for the future.

David and Goliath

The Larkin and Lacey Fontera Fund was established by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, in 2013, after they won a $3.7 million lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. They were wrongly imprisoned and arrested without a probable cause.

The man who lead the arrest was Joe Arpaio, self-proclaimed as the toughest sheriff in America, he was the one who pushed the initial investigations on Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey. The investigations were prompted out of retaliation against Larkin and Lacey after they released an article exposing the corrupt ways of Arpaio. Setting up the Larkin and Lacey Fontera Fund was probably the best way for them to take revenge against Arpaio.

By establishing the Fontera Fund they created something that would counteract some of the anti-Mexican rhetoric spewed out by Arpaio and others within the mainstream media. Not all Mexicans are bad people; the greater majority of them do not come here to steal cars, or sell drugs, most of them just want to live a decent life.

There are many non-profit organizations that have been set-up along the U.S.-Mexico border, in response to the injustice, and struggles faced by deportees and Mexican migrants. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

The Kino Border Initiative is an organization that helps deportees get through their stressful situations. They have set up agencies in two locations, one on each side of the U.S.-Mexico boarder. They provide free meals, clothes, and even emotional support to the migrants.

The Kino Border Initiative is a Catholic-based group, their sense of mission stems from the fact that in the Bible people were always on the move due to persecution or to find a land they could call their own. The people there are happy to facilitate growth in the lives of migrants who struggle to establish themselves in a new country.

I’m glad to know that there are so many organizations that seek to support migrants along the U.S/Mexico border. If I was a Mexican migrant I would have no idea that such places exist, especially now that the United States has a president who seems to have a grudge against Mexico.

These humanitarian groups, like the Kino Border Initiative, leave all the politics out of the equation. Politics generally do not facilitate growth in the lives of people; what really makes a difference in average people lives is being able a to have a one on one connection and offering support.

Humanitarian groups are needed more than ever during the Trump presidency, in order to educate people on the struggles that these migrants, and show them from more normal perspective.

How White Shark Media Helps Small Businesses Grow

Sometimes to get ahead of the competition, you need to have the most dogged Digital Marketing Agency in the room on your team.


White Shark Media was founded in 2011, and has since grown to attract over 600 active clients, pulling in an annual revenue of close to $5 million. It is recognized as one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the US, but despite its growth, the Digital Marketing Agency maintains a boutique feel, focused on building and sustaining close professional relationships with its clients. According to White Shark CEO Alexander Nygart, this approach is why their very first client is still with them all these years later. High-profile clients include IMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.


One of the company’s core strengths lies in its ability to create a custom search marketing campaign for each client that is both cost-effective and efficient. Testimonials from some of the thousands of small businesses who’ve used White Shark Media tell the full story: they rave about how White Shark Media has increased their online performance, produced quantifiable results, and, on top of it all, were a great team to work with.


White Shark Media provides several services, including PPC Evaluation and Management, letting clients know how they can improve their pay-per-click performance. PPC Management gives White Shark Media clients the peace of mind that their PPC strategy is being overseen by an AdWords and Bing certified professional with years of experience. Small businesses often don’t have the time or the budget to track which phone calls or contact form submissions are generating viable leads. White Shark Media tracks both. They also provide detailed reports explaining what strategies they are using to increase the client’s Google AdWords success.


White Shark Media is one of only a handful of agencies that has been selected as a premier SMB partner with Google AdWords. White Shark tracks a variety of factors in addition to phone calls and contact form submissions, including ad copy and negative keywords. This comprehensive approach is why so many clients trust this digital marketing agency.


The company’s blog covers the latest in PPC strategies and how small business professionals can take advantage of these techniques.

Roc Nation Moves Forward With Powerful Entertainment Exec Desiree Perez

Who is Desiree Perez? While most of the public may be unfamiliar with her name, Desiree is behind some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, helping to orchestrate events and appearances by such artists as Jay Z and Rihanna. In fact, Ms. Perez has maintained a 20 year relationship with Jay Z, even as others in the music industry have come to both fear and respect her as an unstoppable force.

Desiree, or Dez, as her close acquaintances know her, was the driving force behind the recent Rihanna Samsung collaboration. While Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, and Jana Fleischman round off Perez’s Roc Nation team, there can be no denying that Dez is the star quarterback, driving home win after win.  More to read on prettymanprettyman.com.

As the driving force behind Roc Nation, Jay Z has involved Perez in negotiations, as the rapper’s $150 million deal with Live Nation nears its conclusion. As a part of that deal, Live Nation had bought rights to the Jay Z’s recordings, but sources indicate Live Nation is eager to veer away from recorded music. Since 2008, when the deal was made, digitized music and online streaming has changed the way music is purchased and utilized.  Check igstars.com

Additional article to read here.

In light of the end of that arrangement, Jay Z is enlisting Ms. Perez in finding new investors for Roc Nation. Desiree and Jay currently have their sights set on Sir Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG). While UMG already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation, it’s hoped that Perez will be able to convince Grainge to take a bigger stake in the company.  Related article on saltylens.com.

If Desiree Perez and Jay Z can convince the UMG head to invest further in Roc Nation, it has been suggested that the deal would allow Jay Z the freedom and funding to back more up and coming artists.

Have a glimpse of the music streaming world, hit on http://www.apple.com/music/

New York City Provides the Perfect Backdrop for Wedding Photography

The George Street Photo & Video team in New York, NY offers wedding photography and videography services throughout the New York City metro area, a city rich with wedding photography potential. The lush scenery of Central Park is perfect for outdoor wedding or engagement photos, with the flexibility to juxtapose New York’s iconic skyline in the background. The large park offers a multitude of photography ideas from kissing on a bridge to snuggling on a park bench. The many unique features of Central Park will give you a lot of flexibility to create the wedding look you desire.

Another location rich with photography potential is Coney Island. Coney Island provides a playful landscape to remember your special day. You can create a whimsical feel by incorporating the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel in the background, take a playful jaunt down the boardwalk hand in hand, or step off the beaten path to create a more romantic vibe by taking photos along the shore. Coney Island certainly opens up potential for some memorable photographs.

Read more: https://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/george-street-photo-video/5c781569306e1f06.html

A New Opportunity on the Horizon? Why Success Follows Yanni Hufnagel

He has eaten, breathed and slept basketball since he was a kid in Scarsdale, New York. Although not for lack of effort, Hufnagel tried hard to be a player, but always fell just a few skills short of attaining that dream.

He never let that disappointment stop him from pursuing a career in the sport. With a tenacious drive and the gift as a teacher of the game of basketball, the little Jewish boy from New York has carved himself a place in the world of Division I NCAA basketball.

Success Follows Hufnagel


University of Oklahoma was Hufnagel’s first stop, where he worked on his post bachelor’s studies. As a graduate assistant coach, Hufnagel helped the Sooners win 23 games and earn a tournament appearance. On that team was the first pro prospect Hufnagel would help to mold, Blake Griffin.

Yanni would shift east after his student experience at OU where he began his official coaching career at Harvard University. Under the tutelage of Tommy Amaker Hufnagel would be an integral part of the Crimson rise to success. He was instrumental in the most prolific season in Harvard basketball history during the 2012-13 season. During this period, Hufnagel would use his basketball teaching talents to help shape the budding career of another star player, Jeremy Lin.

Hufnagel would shift to SEC basketball next, taking a job at Vanderbilt University, where the Commodores landed a top ranked recruiting class in no small part due to the diligence of Hufnagel. Opportunities continued to appear for the successful young assistant coach, as he accepted a position with the University of California Golden Bears program.

While there were some changes in scenery for Hufnagel, the results seemed to always be the same. The teams were highly successful, some experiencing remarkable seasons, the most memorable in school history. There was also a trend where recruits would be convinced to commit due to Hufnagel’s excellent recruiting skills and then develop into professional quality talent.

New Opportunity on the Horizon?

Most recently, Hufnagel has worked as an assistant coach/recruiter for the University of Nevada. The results were very much the same. The Wolf Pack won the Mountain West Conference last year, posting a school record tying 28-win season, earning a bid to the NCAA tournament last season.

Three highly regarded recruits already signed with UNR before Hufnagel’s announcement, he was stepping down as assistant coach. Nevada head coach Eric Musselman raved about Hufnagel, calling him one of the most intense recruiters and high-energy assistants he has ever worked.

With such a documented history of success throughout his career, no one will be surprised if the 34-year old Hufnagel is not on some athletic director’s radar as a head-coaching candidate.


Hufnagel’s leaving the University of Nevada program has people in the college basketball circles posturing that he may be looking at his first head coaching opportunity. No matter where the next stop is on his basketball journey, success seems to always show up wherever he gets an opportunity to coach.


What does White Shark Media Offer?

White Shark Media is the ultimate solution for those of you struggling to get your business to higher ground. If you want to grow more and accomplish more in your business, this is definitely the way to do it. White Shark Media is a marketing agency that helps with digital advertising and development. They have talented specialists who work together to help create solutions for their clientele. Working with them guarantees that your brand gets the digital marketing you need to grow further and actually see results within your business. White Shark Media works hard to provide serious results for clientele.


What do they offer? White Shark Media offers everything under the sun if you are looking for a way to improve your business and engage your online customers. Their main product service is PPC development. They offer great PPC evaluation to ensure that the client knows what is going to happen and what their brand needs. They can give you amazing Google Adwords services to help you advertisement throughout any key phrase you would like to online. They also offer incredible SEO services for both small and bigger sized businesses.


Their SEO extends further than basic rankings. They have an enterprise program and other services to help ensure that a business gets the rankings that they are looking for. There is big difference between Local and National SEO, and it’s about being able to rank for what you need the most. If you can cater to having customers from anywhere in the world, then you would need the national SEO services.


What’s it like working with them? After your initial consultation to find out what your business mainly needs, you will get a quick audit on everything your brand is currently going through. Things like understanding where your brand is headed and anything similar is greatly explained. You get a very indepth look on everything about your business. It’s wonderful to gain insight on every aspect of your brand. White Shark Media will then recommend the right resources and services that will best serve you in the end.


The company goes through great lengths to help clients. Our company experienced quality service when they helped our company grow efficiently with a strong Google Adwords campaign that helped us with our brand. They provided us with extensive training and everything that we needed in order to move forward with our overall company’s development.


Read more about White Shark Media:




How Brad Reifler’s Career Background has been Instrumental in Shaping the Growth of Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler is an American respected entrepreneur and finance executive. He is also the creator Forefront Capital, a financial company that he currently runs as CEO. Reifler also served as the first CEO and executive board chair of Pali Capital.

Reifler Trading Company

Reifler’s professional career began back in 1980. As an entrepreneur, Reifler’s first business venture was known as Reifler Trading Company. The company managed accounts containing millions of dollars, for several individuals and businesses. Its services also encompassed execution, derivative advisory, information dissemination, and institutional research.

Brad Reifler sold the venture to Refco in 2000 after fostering its growth and presence in the financial services market of the U.S. Reifler Trading Company had been ranked among the top largest independent future operations companies in the U.S.

Reifler also worked as a trader for Refco before selling Reifler Trading Company. He currently works for Sino Mercury Company as the director. Reifler previously served in the same capacity at Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler is also regarded as the brains behind Pali Capital. He founded the firm to serve as a sell side broker that focuses on equity markets. Under his leadership, Pali Capital managed to generate commission income of over $1 billion. The firm also comprises of more than 300 employees working in offices across four continents. Brad Reifler used Pali Capital to advance his business endeavors to the hedge fund industry.

Forefront Capital

Reifler’s most recent business venture, Forefront Capital, began its operations back in 2009. The company has formed alliances with business leaders, top investment bankers, and licensed investment advisers throughout its less than one decade of experience. The group’s subsidiaries, such as Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC, fostered this achievement.

Forefront Capital also managed to enlist the expertise of board members of Fortune 100 and 500 companies courtesy of Reifler’s hard work. One member of the company’s executive board serves as the president of three corporations, and another is a recipient of China’s version of Nobel Prize in Economics.

Through Brad Reifler’s efforts as CEO, Forefront Capital is renowned for its highly differentiated product and service offering.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-and-forefront-capital-introduce-forefront-income-trust-1975993.htm

Life Line Screening Provides Awareness through Preventive Health Services Supported by Physicians

In 1993, preventive health was considered as something that most people thought about, but they weren’t as aware of the significant benefits it could have on their individual lives. Life Line Screening decided to champion the cause, for people living better and achieving a higher level of well-being, for their busy lives. Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips founded Life Line Screening and raised the awareness in state of Florida, for the importance of preventive health, and ultimately stretched it globally.

Today, Life Line Screening is very well-known in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Throughout its two-decade history, Life Line Screening has conducted a massive eight million preventive health screenings world-wide. The company screens, for an array of preventive health conditions, which has helped in an abundance of cautionary matters, and reduce health costs and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Using three primary preventive screening measures such as; ultrasound, finger-stick blood tests and electrocardiograms, Life Line Screenings conducts painless, affordable and convenient services. The company is staffed with the most-highly trained professionals available who serve patients with the utmost care.

Each Life Line Screening’s laboratory is state-of-the-art, equipped with the most advanced technology of the millennium. The mission, for Life Line Screening, is to strengthen the patients of the community they serve with the knowledge and understanding of their individual health needs. The company continues to partner with many hospitals world-wide, in order to be a catalyst, for the preventive health of those individuals within the community. Life Line Screening is the leading supplier of all community-based preventive services and health care screenings.

Life Line Screening reaches many people in various stages of life to bring awareness of prevention in order to live healthier lives; providing preventive screening to over one million individuals each year and more information click here.

Those who have received abnormal results have benefited enormously because of Life Line Screening’s interceding with the preventive services available and resolve with their physician. The preventive health care services provided by Life Line Screening are supported by many physicians who see the company as a key benefactor in their patients reducing risk factors, for long term health and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Adam Milstein Giving Back to the Community.

Adam Milstein’s prominence in the real estate industry has earned him a name and an impressive portfolio. Besides his distinctiveness in his work, Mr. Milstein is also a renowned philanthropist. The world of benevolence recognizes him for his full involvement with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Through this foundation, he has extended his support and mentorship to students across the world. The platform is usually relevant to the students as they get enriched with the Jewish roots and at the same time strengthen their connection to Israel.


The family foundation provides scholarships to students. It has in a massive way invested in the education of the Jewish scholars. As a result, many students have been able to learn about their heritage. The selflessness portrayed by Adam Milstein in community services has earned him recognition. He was named among the top 200 philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.


The Jewish community recognizes Adam Milstein as the founder of the Israel-American Council that majorly focuses on bettering the relationship between the United States and Israel. Adam Milstein has worked hard in an attempt to ensure that the council expands and development of policies concerning the Israel and Jewish relations put into place.

One thing that is clear about Adam Milstein is his determination and relentlessness in defending the rights of the Jewish people all over the world. In light to advocating for the rights of the Jewish people, he contributes to various publications. He is sentimental about the Jewish people learning how to read and write in Hebrew. He says that it will help them bond with their culture and religion. In connection to this, Adam Milstein has served to increase the opportunity for them to learn Hebrew.


His connection with the community he gives back to makes Adam Milstein a distinctive benevolent. He not only writes checks for them as many organizations are known for doing. He bond with them. Asa real estate investor, Adam Milstein acts as a managing partner at a company called Hager Pacific Properties. He holds a degree in economics and finance from Technion University. Adam Milstein has being married to Gila Milstein for over three decades now.