Hunting Down Dangerous Criminals with Securus Technologies Help

Each day that I show up for work as a police officer is more dangerous than the day before. Criminals today will stop at nothing to enjoy their freedom, and hurting an officer just comes with the territory when they are on the run. The trouble that I have while hunting these criminals is that many already have a support network of family, friends, or gang members who are willing to go to any lengths to help their friends stay free.


When we get tips from informants, we have to act on everything. The criminals have actually gotten even smarter over the years because they know we have to act on those calls, so what they do is have their friends call in fake reports that we have to follow-up, so the suspect can conduct business on the other side of town with less of a police presence because our resources are chasing those leads.


We have been able to gain back some of that momentum lately with the help of Securus Technologies. When they installed a new inmate communication system in our jail, it allowed our officers to hear conversations from the criminals perspective, without any fake leads or misdirection. The inmates think when they talk on the phone that their coded conversations slip by us, but the LBS software that Securus Technologies trained us to us alerts us when certain discussions are taking place.


Now when we are hunting a suspect, we return to that jail and listen in to calls between his former cellmates, his friends, or his fellow gang members. Usually when there is chatter about the suspect, it is a solid lead that we follow immediately. This has given us the chance to not only catch some suspects in the act of committing crimes, we have found fugitives that have been on the run for years thanks to Securus Technologies.


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