Arthur Becker is a Multi-Dimensional Business Man

Arthur Becker is a New York based real estate developer. His Tribecca office doubles as an art studio for his collection. Becker is a former stockbroker and amassed his fortune purchasing technology companies and then morphed into the real estate industry in Florida and New York. His role in the development industry has been as the financial backer.

According to NY Daily News, Becker has also been involved with other business ventures and is an art collector. Some of his businesses were successful while others were nothing more than failures, but fortunately for Becker, he has had more success stories than stories about his business failures. Dollars and Euros often appear in his art including shapes and sculptures made from crumpled paper money and gold bars stacked like Jenga pieces.

Once of his more successful business ventures were as the Chief Operation Officer (CEO) of NaviSite, a web hosting company from the early 2000’s until 2010. He held a stake in the company in 2011 when it sold for $230 million. Following NaviSite, he was the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, a publishing platform before he went into the real estate industry.

Mr. Arthur Becker is a self-described doer. He loves to construct things which are evident in his work right after college renovating 18th century homes. He also takes pride in his ability to take a small technology based company and rebuild the platform into larger entities. His greatest ability is his understanding about how things work and what makes them tick. His wide range of experience has certainly helped in that area.

According to Huffingtonpost, in his real estate dealings, he has worked to develop unusual buildings on unusually shaped lots. Currently, Becker is the proud owner of three townhouses in Soho, on Sullivan Street. He acquired that property for his investment in a neighboring condominium development. Becker plans to live in one of the townhouses while selling or leasing the others. You can visit Madison Partners for more details.

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