The Compliance Officer Figurehead, Helane Morrison

An article published recently by Xrebublic explores the life and legacy of Helane Morrison, an absolute figurehead and wildly successful compliance officer–among other titles and establishing her current position of San Francisco’s Hall Capital Partners’ Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Not only is Hall Capital Partners among the most successful investment firms within the state of California, but Hall Capital Partners also boasts that the firm is entirely operated by successful, professional women.
I have an understanding based off of this information alone that Helane Morrison’s name is entirely surrounded by immense, resounding respect; however, Morrison holds far more claims to fame than one might imagine. Prior to joining up with the immensely successful and iconic Hall Capital Partners, Morrison held the head office of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco, California for an eight year period from 1999 to 2007.
Morrison’s accomplishments and accolades only expand further with deeper investigation into her life, as she held the head officer of enforcement of litigation and legislation for the California division of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1996 to 1999. I find it incredible that she could become more prominent than this feat allowed her to whatsoever; however, she has continued to prove her potential throughout the years with constant growth.
Morrison reasoned that her wisest course of action was to join Hall Capital Partners due to “the diverse leadership culture” of the firm. She also recognized her own ability within the financial industry and aimed to utilize her talents and professionalism to rekindle the “confidence” of the investors within the public following the 2008 market crash that had still failed to subside out of their minds even following the nine year interim.
Despite Helane Morrison’s multiple changes in regards to her profession, she continues to find herself in positions of official and professional power and influence which propel her ever-forward within the fight against corruption and illegal breaches of legislation and financial practices.
As previously stated, the article by XRepublic further drives home the point that Helane Morrison bears many more accolades than most individuals, especially women within her industry. She is responsible for spearheading multiple operations to convict and bring justice to those committing financial fraud and has been credited with stripping cover from many organizations and websites that fail to comply to SEC regulations.


Each week we do a spotlight on businessmen and women who are really making their mark in the professional world. In this week’s spotlight is Adam Goldenberg. Adam is not like other business men. He began his entrepreneurial work at the ripe old age of 13.

Most of you know that the age of 13 is essential in the Jewish faith and community. It just so happens that Adam is part of this faith. He was just receiving his Bar Mitzvah. He took this money and began his own funding.

Guess what he did with the money?

He used the money to begin his own online bulletin board service on Wikipedia. This might sound a bit odd for people like us, but listen. It gets better. He turned this endeavor into his own gaming site within that two years. He named it Gamer’s Alliance.

This was all back in 1994. Now, cut to 1997. Only three years later he is receiving attention from Brett Brewer. Now. Brett is the founder of Intermix. He was looking around and found it.

He inquired with Adam and was interested in connecting with the business. Brett has said on a number of occasions that he didn’t know Adam was only 17. He doesn’t usually take a chance on someone that early or young. However, Adam was unable to leave his mind.

Brett joined forces and took him on. He was very quickly promoted. Hiring Adam seemed to be Brett’s golden touch decision. Adam Goldenberg proved to be a worthy friend and business associate. About two years later, at the ripe age fo 19, Adam was promoted to COO for the company.

This promotion proved to be quite worthy for another reason. Adam became the youngest COO of any public company in history.


Adam has achieved so much. His drive has gotten him to places that no one else has. He has always kept his eyes on the numbers. Adam has contributed to many other companies along the way. Adam Goldenberg is currently the co-found of JustFab.

There aren’t many public quotes from Adam, he tends to keep his eyes away from public perception. There is one quote that we found from him that seems to sum up everything.

“Be passionate about what you do. You have to have a great product. Always surround yourself with a great team, one that will have your back all the way.”

Adam Goldenberg

If you would like to know more about him. Please click on the link

Andy Wirth’s Interview with KCRW

Andy Wirth is a unique individual for not only his business endeavors but also due to the fact that he is a businessman who has wanted to incorporate nature with all of his business endeavors. Andy Wirth has always loved being around nature and eventually found his calling when he was able to earn the position as the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

This ski resort has been passed down among the members of the Cushing family and eventually was given to Andy Wirth after he proved himself to be a worthy candidate to run the business. For the past six years, Andy Wirth has invested over $70 million in renovations that he hopes will bring in more and more customers than ever. Since his start with the Squaw Valley Ski Resort this ski resort has been put in the list of the top 20 percent of ski resorts to visit in the United States.

Andy Wirth has always loved and respected nature which is one of the many reasons that he became a backwoods ranger. In present day, Andy Wirth now is on a mission to show as much of the public he can the beauty of where he lives.

As a mountain resort owner in the Tahoe Valley, he is able to not only see the beautiful nature, but also reminiscence that he is located in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Andy Wirth has the long term goal of bringing more and more of the public to see what he sees every single day on the job.

In recent news, Andy Wirth was asked onto the KCRW radio station in order to discuss to relevant topic of the drought which has been affecting businesses and households all across the West Coast. As a prominent businessman, Andy Wirth was asked onto this radio show to present his professional opinion on the drought as well as his future predictions for his own resort.

Though Andy Wirth is a leader in a highly affected industry, during the interview Mr. Wirth was positive on the future of his resort.

Despite the low snowfall each year, Andy Wirth is not worried. In fact, Andy Wirth is excited to truly prove his capabilities as a strong businessman. As a owner and proprietor of over 6,000 acres of ski grounds, Andy Wirth stated that he does not expect for his business to be run down any time soon.

As a backup plan, Andy Wirth also mentioned that he has made many investments in the snow making industry. This means that no matter what, Andy Wirth will have snow covering the entirety of the ski resort even with no snowfall.

Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Dallas Financial Institution Garners Record Earnings in 2015

NexBank Capital, Inc. has been a successful member of the Dallas business community for many years. If the company’s recent performance is any indication, NexBank will be around for a long time to come.

For the last quarter of 2015, and for the entire year, NexBank Capital reported record profits. What’s more, this is the fourth consecutive year NexBank has set an annual earnings record. Net income for the final quarter of 2015 was $16.2 million, up from $10.2 million in the same period in 2014. For the year, earnings were up 35 percent over 2014 at $57.2 million. And that’s not all. NexBank also reported record assets, deposits and loans. As of the end of 2015, assets totaled $2.72 billion, up 48 percent from 2014. Deposits rose to $1.88 billion, up 32 percent. Loans reached $1.94 billion, up 42 percent. NexBank president and chief executive officer John Holt attributed the firm’s excellent performance to careful risk management and improvements in operating efficiency.

NexBank Capital is a financial services company. The firm offers customized services to institutional and individual clients. Other financial institutions are also among NexBank’s customers. The services provided focus on commercial, investment and mortgage banking. NexBank SSB is a branch of NexBank Capitol. NexBank SSB is a leading bank in the Dallas region. It acquired the College Savings Bank in 2015.

NexBank received its original charter almost a century ago in 1922. Although NexBank has clients throughout the United States, it remains committed to supporting Dallas and surrounding communities. For example, NexBank is a sponsor of the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament held each May in nearby Irving, Texas.