A Night Out with Fabletics

You have probably heard of Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s new fashion line for the active gal. Primarily consisting of yoga pants and sports bras, the line rivals Lululemon for design, but at a much cheaper price point. Now Ms. Hudson is taking on the little black dress, and incorporating date night styles into athletic gear for more comfort.

Although gym clothes are not exactly the norm for a night out on the town, read more on Wikipedia to see how Fabletics has taken “athletic” dresses to a whole new level. Perhaps not something you would run a marathon in, they are great for keeping everything tucked in and looking good! A few styles have built-in bras, and will not be chaffing you by the end of the evening. Kate stresses that Spanx will be a thing of the past thanks to these beautiful pieces. From a night at the bar to an evening stroll along the beach, no one will ever guess you are donning workout gear and looking that sexy.

Fabletics also created a few swimsuits, which are designed for a good, hard workout at the pool. No need to fret about popping out of one of these bad boys. Bikinis can almost double as a sports bra, and the one-piece designs are great for swimming laps. You can get virtually any coverage you would like, and coverups add a certain appeal to the look as well. Whether you are looking for strappy or simple, Ms. Hudson’s brand will have you covered.

With a wide variety and a fantastic price point, Fabletics is a great option for those looking for style as well as comfort on their next night out. Do not be fooled by the name, you will not look like you are sashaying in gym clothes while wearing these saucy little numbers. Feel comfortable and look sexy with Fabletics!



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